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This is Le Pigeon

A small all-round company traveling the world while focussing on Online Marketing and Event Productions. These seemingly diverse fields have a lot more common ground than you would expect at first.

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“Creating happiness for our visitors”

Happy visitors are crucial for Le Pigeon. In everything we do we try to ask ourselves: will this make the visitors happier? It does not matter if it is a visitor of one of our online concepts or the visitor of a festival or event. This is why both fields are so great to combine. People like to be treated well and want to be taken serious, in an online or offline environment. If this is taken into account the result is a happy visitor. And a happy visitor is a returning visitor!

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Freelance marketeer

Le Pigeon text &freelance

We travel to explore and experience. These new experiences combined with those from our past make us a reliable and knowledgeable partner. With over five years of experience in Online Marketing and specialisations in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Affiliate Marketing and Content Marketing we help our partners to achieve their goals.

online marketing workshops

Workshops by Le Pigeon

Would you like to be independent? Le Pigeon will get you there! Our workshops will bring you to the next level in general SEO, backlink optimisation or Google Analytics and Webmastertools. These workshops will make sure you are able to optimise your website, backlink profile or to analyse your website data.

online marketing consultancy

Consultancy by Le Pigeon

Do you like to be certain about things? We will help you in a consultative manner. This will give you input from a different perspective and valuable advice to get the most out of your (new) website. Contact us to get our view on your website and marketing strategies.

online marketing execution

Execution by Le Pigeon

Want to be ensured everything is perfect and as good as it gets? We’ll take care of it! Let us take the executive work out of your hands so that you can focus on your business, while we make sure your website grows organically via content marketing, backlink optimisation or general SEO adjustments.


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event productions

Le Pigeon text &events

Although a completely different field of work, event productions are a core-business for Le Pigeon as well. For us there is a lot of common ground between both online marketing and event productions. As both give us the opportunity to create happiness for visitors. We differentiate three fields in event productions; stage manager, artist handling and the actual pre-production of the event. Learn more about what Le Pigeon can do for your event.
festival event productions

Production by Le Pigeon

A well thought and structured (pre)production is the foundation of a successful event. Thinking ahead and directly participating on situations makes sure that you as an organization won’t be surprised during the execution of the event.
Le Pigeon stands for perfection and our goal is to reach this every time, anytime. With our critical view and unstopping determination Le Pigeon is ready to take that extra step to contribute to an perfect production!


Stage management by Le Pigeon

It does not matter if it is a music, dance or theatre performance, for every performance it is important to start right on time and to follow the timetable. However this process does not start on itself. A reliable stage manager ensures that everything both on and off the stage runs smoothly. With leadership and communicative skills, creativity, and a strong ability to solve problems Le Pigeon is able to tackle every part of the stage management.

artist handling

Artist handling by Le Pigeon

Artists are the face of your event! Therefore it is important to receive the artists and tour managers in a welcoming and professional manner, so they can give a great performance and go home satisfied.
Le Pigeon understands that at your event you are already busy enough to provide a good reception. Therefore Le Pigeon likes to fly in to take this task out off your hands. Good preparation, functional and structured ways to receive the artists, professional attitude towards the artists and always being prepared for the questions that artists may have are highly valued within Le Pigeon.

online concepts

Le Pigeon text &concepts

Years of working at an online marketing agency led to aspirations of our own: self created concepts! All with a solid search engine friendly foundation and with Affiliate Marketing as main business model. This in combination with extensive research on Affiliate Marketing ensured that Le Pigeon successfully advised other businesses and online concepts on the optimal usage of Affiliate Marketing.
travel concepts

About our Travel Concepts

reizen in nieuw-zeelandOur love for traveling is the main reason we are focussing on concepts for this market. Besides the solid search engine friendly foundation of our websites we focus on quality content based on our own experiences. For now this has led to the “reizenin” concept, with which we focus on the Dutch market.

Reizenin is country specific and is aimed to assist in planning and preparing future travellers for that country. Reizenin.net gives detailed information on New-Zealand, France and Portugal and many are to follow.

dottedmap logoOur second concept “dottedmap” is currently in development, the beta version (1.0) has been released at the end of February on dottedmap.net. Preparing your travels is often a burden as input can be found everywhere. The World Wide Web has a lot to offer, as do other travellers. Gathering and storing all this information is quite a hassle and causes a headache rather than a smile. On one side the information can be to extensive, while at the same time the exact location remains a mystery.

Dottedmap is a new way to store travel plans and routes, giving you a personal blank canvas of Earth, ready to be dotted with past and future highlights. Use it to accurately pinpoint travel input of places you would love to visit, or loved visiting. Create your own travel route or wish list and ask others for advice. Keep it up-to-date so people back home see what you have been up to, and what you still have planned!

other concepts

About our Other Concepts

Besides the concepts focused on the travel market Le Pigeon has other niche focused online concepts up and running. These share the focus on user friendliness and their solid search engine friendly foundation. Affiliate Marketing is the business model we use for these concepts and by putting our knowledge into work we bring supply and demand together. Thus creating an added value for both the potential customer as the advertiser. Besides our own online concepts Le Pigeon supports different other concepts as sparring partner on user friendliness, conversion optimization and search engine optimization or with the executive work of these tasks.



van Deelenstraat 108
5256 JE Heusden
The Netherlands

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